QuickBooks Online (QBO)

5 Things to Know


Getting you set up with QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a simple procedure, all you need is an internet connection. There is no software to install and buy yearly, your subscription handles all the updates required.

If you are undecided on the decision to make the switch to cloud accounting, below are 5 questions that may help you make your decision.

1. What is QuickBooks Online?

This is cloud-based financial management software, designed to slash the time you spend managing your business finances. QuickBooks Online helps with tasks such as:

  • Creating estimates and invoices
  • Tracking sales and cash flow
  • Managing your customers and suppliers
  • Monitoring your tax and making Tax & GST returns easier
  • Understanding your company’s performance

There is no software that needs to be installed.

2. What are the system Requirements?

QuickBooks Website recommends the following setting:

  • Windows PC: 1 GHz computer with 256 MB of RAM running Windows XP or later
  • Apple Mac: Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.5 or later
  • Latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari for Mac
  • High-speed internet connection (DSL, cable, T1)

Note: QuickBooks is not supported on Linux, including Ubuntu and Fedora

An Internet Connection is required to access any of QuickBooks Online features and works best with a fast broadband Internet connection.

3. Is a contract required?

There is no contract required and you are free to cancel anytime. If you are in the middle of a billing cycle your subscription will remain active until that period has ended.

4. What devices can I access QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online can be accessed from any web-enabled device including:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptops
  • IOS Device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch)
  • Android tablet or Smartphone

5. Am I entitled to software updates/upgrades and how do I upgrade?

Yes. One of the many benefits of cloud-based software is that you’re always on the latest version. Updates happen automatically and won’t affect your data in the slightest. If the software has been updated, you’ll see a message when you log in.

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