Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping & Payroll Services in the Westshore, BC

Padgett Business Services at the corner of Sooke and Kelly road (more on Kelly) is your local, young and fun place to have your accounting, payroll and tax needs met.  As you can see from our picture above, we love what we do and care about the clients we work with.

Padgett began helping clients around the Greater Victoria area in 1991 with our first Quadra Street office.  After a successful 14 years we setup our second location on Goldstream Avenue beside Western Foods.  After a few great years there we decided to move into the newly constructed “Copperwood” building in late 2008 where we sit today.  In the fall of 2012 we confidentially established our downtown office located on Government Street. With four locations, Padgett is the top  accounting firm, also offering payroll and tax services.

At our Colwood location we have our lovely office manager Christine West (left above), wonderful long time employee Renee Robinson (right above), and the always smiling managing partner Chris Hammond (middle above).  The three of us thoroughly enjoy dealing with new client challenges and are always prepared to help in any way we can.  Whether it be a simple tax question or the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) just decided to audit you, we are here to help!  We welcome all new business, big or small – we do it all.

Our bookkeeping and accounting service is second to none.  We provide a monthly, quarterly and annual pickup and delivery service of client records returning with a great financial report and statements, unique to any another other bookkeeper or accountant in the Westshore. This way we can keep up on your financial position, GST, PST, WCB and all other remittance requirements.

Over the months of February, March, April and May we are hard at work assisting Colwood residences with their personal tax returns.  We provide an efficient turnaround time and very affordable rates.  Feel free to pop in for a no charge consultation.  Having offices all around Victoria demonstrates a convenience to Padgett clients that we pride ourselves in providing.

Then there’s payroll!  Don’t know too many people that like doing payroll more than us!  The Colwood office is paired up with a great service processed from our Government Street office called Paytrak Payroll Services.  Again, unique to anyone in the Westshore.  Payroll information is dropped off, called in, emailed, whichever way you prefer and your Payroll can be picked up at the Colwood office.  The reports are simple and easy to read, and if you prefer, we can have the reports emailed no charge!

So don’t be shy and drop us a line at (250) 744-3854 or visit our web site at  Check out our baby pictures!  Our door is always open with welcoming eyes and smiles to your accounting, tax, payroll service needs, and or if you just want to pop in and get your free “BEANS” that’s okay too!

Padgett Business Services & Payrtak Payroll Services

(250) 744-3854