Business Accounting in Victoria

Padgett offers Accounting Services for Small Businesses so you can focused on what maters to your business. Our accountants do more than just your year-end tax prep, we help save you time by communicating jargon free and answering the questions you have. We help you navigate the occasionally murky waters of the CRA, especially when it comes to tax time.

Accountants can help answer common questions like:


  • Should I be a Sole Proprietor or Incorporate?
    • How healthy are my company finances?
      • Am I paying the correct amount in taxes?


          When it comes time to plan for growth, accountants will help you to answer your many questions like:

          • What should your profits look like?
            • What are your company’s growth plans?
              • Am I charging enough for my services?

                Accounting is essential when you need to secure a loan. For example, if you want to apply for a Small Business Loan will need to provide financial statements of a few years to prove steady income. Without a proper accounting system in place that covers all your bookkeeping needs and accounting statements it would be very difficult to deliver these documents.


                Consultations are always free. Call us at 250-744-3854 or send us a message.