Tax Preparation Services

Personal and Small Business Tax Preparation Services in Victoria, BC


We take care of Personal Tax Returns (T1), Corporate Tax Returns (T2), and Trust / Estate Returns (T3).


    • T1

      Including small business tax, rentals, employment expenses, foreign reporting, investment income, moving expenses, final (terminal) returns for those who have passed and many more! We also do same-day NOA requests.

    • T2 

      Including filing T5’s, SRED claims, film tax credits, foreign reporting, investments and holding companies.

    • T3 

      Estate and trust filing.

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Tax Preparation VictoriaWhen it comes to Business Tax and Personal Tax Prep look no further.  Does the thought of taxes make you cringe? Whether it’s personal taxes or business taxes – there’s no getting away from the tax man. The first thing to remember is to utilize your resources. At Padgett, we understand that some of the language around the laws, or some of the record-keeping requirements might be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help right from the get-go!

With this in mind, we also maintain your bookkeeping. As a result, tax time is significantly less stressful as we have a complete understanding of your business and how to get you the best return on your dollar. Tax planning is also a crucial step for growing corporations that need some extra advice throughout the year. We’re structured to give you as much, or as little support as you need.

Here in Victoria, we have a large number of small business owners. In fact, in British Columbia as a whole, 98% of all businesses are small businesses. If you’re one of those people, it’s important to work with accountants who can guide you through the ups and downs of tax planning and growth. At Padgett it’s what we do best!

When it comes to business tax we can help in the following ways:

  • Setting up your business structure i.e. Sole Proprietorship or Corporation
  • Setting up your Business Number or GST/PST. Part of our bookkeeping program also files and pays your GST remittance for you.
  • Payroll deductions and remittances including Employment Insurance, WCB, Income Tax, etc.
  • Income tax. Click for quick links to TD and TD1BC tax forms.
  • Audits

Contact Padgett today to set up your free consultation. We’re more than happy to welcome you to a new world of stress-free taxes.